HP EliteBook 6470b

Initial setup

  1. Moved Window’s bootmgr and its configuration files from the first reserved partition (FAT32) to Windows system partition (NTFS).
  2. Moved content of HP_TOOLS partition to the (currently empty) first reserved partition, which will be used from now as EFI boot partiton.
  3. Created Windows recovery and driver DVDs.
  4. Removed the original HP_TOOLS and recovery partitions, the first reserved partition labeled as HP_TOOLS.
  5. Resized Windows system (and boot) partition to 125% of the smallest possible size (~44GB).
  6. Created a small ext2 primary partition for /boot and the last primary partition with the remaining disk space as a Linux system partition.
  7. The Linux system partition initialized as encrypted by LUKS and LVM/VG signle PV and LVs for swap, /tmp, /var, /home, and /.
  8. Installed EFIx64 shell (old version, the newest is not compatible with EFI formware) and GRUB EFIx64 into the first reserved partition (FAT32). The GRUB config file is just referencing the config file of GRUB at /boot.



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