Alcatel OneTouch 997D


  • Power+VolumeUp – boot into Recovery
  • Power+VolumeDown – boot into flash-boot; IT DOES NOT WORK


  • install Framaroot
  • run the Framaroot and use the 1st exploit to install SuperSU
  • install Mobileuncle MTK Tools
  • download CWM Recovery
  • run the Mobileuncle MTK Tools and install the CWM Recovery
  • download custom NANDROID BACKUP script archive
    • extract the archive into an exteral SD-card
    • install GScript Lite, which is also available in the downloaded archive
    • run the GScript Lite, add a new script by … menu, select the script from the archive extracted into the SD-card and check SU execution
    • run the script by GScript Lite to create a backup in SD-card:/clockworkmod/backup



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