ThinkPad T480 (Type 20L5, Model 20L50002MC) Laptop


Installation from an USB Flash Disk

  • create a single FAT32 partition in a DOS partition table on the flash disk
  • copy a content of the installation media into the partition
  • boot as EFI

System Settings

  • reduce swap file to 16 MB
  • disable hibernate file: powercfg -h off
  • delete resources associated with mounted WIM images that are corrupt: dism /Cleanup-Wim
  • perform clean-up and recovery operations on the running operating system image with removal of backup files created during service pack installation: dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /spsuperseded
  • perform clean-up and recovery operations on the running operating system image with removal of all superseded versions of every component in the component store: dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase
  • enable C:\ compression and disable indexing

Windows 10 x86


  • Windows 10 EnterpriseSEval (LTSC Eval) cannot be activated by Key Management Service (KMS) by KMS Client Setup Key
    • neither by DISM:
      • Dism /Online /Get-CurrentEdition
      • Dism /Online /Get-TargetEditions
      • Dism /Online /Set-Edition:EnterpriseS /AcceptEula /ProductKey:<win-10-ltsc-product-key>
    • nor by SLMGR:
      • cscript slmgr.vbs /dlv
      • cscript slmgr.vbs /ipk <win-10-ltsc-product-key>
    • however, it can be rearmed 2 times (each trial period takes 90 days, then the reinstall is required):
      • cscript slmgr.vbs /rearm

Windows 8.1 x64

Network Drivers

The external drivers below are necessary for Windows 8.1.

Another Drivers

Enable Windows Update (after installing the network drivers below) and use the Intel driver assistant:

Missing/Failed Drivers
  • WWAN: Fibocom L830-EB Wireless WAN
  • VGA for Windows 10: Intel HD Graphics 620 – not compatible with Windows 8.1
  • VGA for Windows 8.1: Intel HD Graphics Driver Beta 64-bit – not compatible with Windows 8.1 Embedded despite of the pathing below
    • extract the archive and patch file Graphics/igdlh64.inf by igdlh64.inf.txt.diff:
      iconv -f utf16 -t utf8 Graphics/igdlh64.inf > Graphics/igdlh64.inf.txt
      patch -p 1 < igdlh64.inf.txt.diff
      iconv -f utf8 -t utf16 Graphics/igdlh64.inf.txt > Graphics/igdlh64.inf
    • disable the signature and (hash) integrity checks on installed drivers: select the “Start” button, type “startup”, select “Change advanced startup settings”, select “Restart now” under the “Advanced startup” area, select “Troubleshoot”, select “Advanced Options”, select “Startup Options”, select “Restart”; a menu will appear where you can press “7” on your keyboard to choose “Disable driver signing enforcement”
    • open Desktop, “This PC” icon and its context-menu “Manage” action, open “Device Manager”, select “Display adapters” and its “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter”, toolbar-action “Udate Driver Software”, “Browse …”, “Let me pick”, “Have disk” and select Graphics/igdlh64.inf file


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